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In 2009, Colin Clark was visiting Holland to film a European skate video, and reached out to me about filming a small segment in Paris. We took a bus from Amsterdam to Paris and were able to skate and film for 5 full days. Although winter time in Paris isn't the best and days are short, we were pretty lucky that it stayed dry and we were able to stack a good amount of clips.

At the time I was sitting on two parts that were ready to be released and I wanted to save all the Paris clips for another full part. However, Colin talked me into dropping the Paris footage online, because he said that he wanted the world to see what I was capable of. I'm forever thankful that Colin talked me into this decision because as soon as the video dropped, it went viral. I feel now, at that moment my "journey" somewhat began.

I sent the Paris part to my good homie Tomas Vintr and after he saw the video he talked me into going to the United States. Tomas and I had a long conversation, and he eventually convinced me that I needed to find a way to get to the U.S. that same year. So a week later I started saving up money and in September 2009 I won the European game of SKATE, which earned me a ticket to LA. After saving up some more money I eventually made it to the USA in November 2009 and it was GO time!

In addition to Colin and Tomas, I'm forever thankful to Bertrand Soubrier for letting me stay at his place in Paris and for the huge amount of support throughout my journey. Also another shout out to Bikounou for taking us around and showing us all the dope spots in Paris. Here's a link to to my week in Paris if you want to check it out! ONE WEEK IN PARIS

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